Love Links


  • Design Mom‘s Living with Kids house tours are quite possibly my favorite blog feature on the entire Internet these days. The house featured this week was full of pops of bright color, and I absolutely loved every shade and hue thrown in the mix. The silhouettes above the bed are fantastic, and I just might have to recreate them myself some day in the distant future whenever I have kids (excuse me while I pin that shot to my hidden kid-themed Pinterest board).
  • Joy the Baker is moving from sunny Los Angeles to New Orleans. I’m kind of sad about it. She’s visited NOLA a few times over the years, I think, and I’ve always loved hearing about her trips, but there’s something so nicely Californian about her and her blog. Anyway. I’m sure the fabulous recipes and heartwarming spunk will continue despite her geographical change. On Monday, she shared her goodbye to the kitchen that has churned out all of those delicious cakes and scones.
  • Alyssa (of Alyssa Said Hi) posted about the Oscar’s greatest accomplishment this year, making celebrities seem like real people. I mean, Meryl Streep and I are practically twins when we eat pizza–we both look like this.
  • I can’t be the only one who needed this: The Hills Explains Vladimir Putin Invading Ukraine.
  • I am obsessed with other people’s lists of cool/useful/new apps. Here’s one and two.

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