Love Links


  • Design Sponge‘s compilation of 10 Cozy Reading Nooks makes me want to read all weekend. I’ve currently got Kelly Oxford‘s Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar from our local library, and I need to set aside some long hours because I know I’m just going to want to fly right through it.
  • In other interior design inspiration news, this Design Mom House Tour is just so nice. The interview makes me really, really like the lady, and our Ikea duvet cover is featured! (We do it better).
  • Kristina of Kris Atomic posted about a cool iPhone app called Waterblogue. I haven’t decided yet if it’s worth the money (I am all about those free apps), but the creations she posted are beautiful.
  • This palters recipe from Elephantine doesn’t seem so hard, right? Maybe I’ll try it someday? I haven’t had one of these suckers since moving to the midwest. I know they exist here, I just have yet to see one.
  • Joy the Baker‘s already got me thinking of summer with this Greek Pasta Salad. When’s the school year over? These next three months are going to draaaaaag.

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