Love Links

  • Paramore headlined the iTunes Festival Wednesday, and it was magical. I fell in love with the band my freshman year of college, and I was all about them for a few years there. I’ve still never seen them live, so this was a treat.
  • The Oh Joy! studio was featured on Design Sponge this week. Joy has been hyping up this space for months, and the results do not disappoint. I love her aesthetic. Colorful, but clean. Twee, but classy. Straight lines, but warm. Perfection.
  • You Are My Fave shared a DIY for a reusable plastic garland, perfect for displaying every-changing messages or drawn patterns. I know I always say this for DIYs (and never follow through, never), but I can really see this one being do-able, you guys.
  • Design Mom got a television show?! Well, an Internet show? I have yet to watch the preview, but I really love Gabrielle’s blog, even though I feel like I know very little about her. (I read for the crafts and interior design and kids book love!) It’ll be interesting to see her get more personal.
  • Blog con Queso‘s September Soundtrack greatly interests me. I might need to be a copycat and make one of my own one of these days.

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