Love Links


  • Design Mom posted a how to for making plaster flower votives, and I’m think I need to try it out. Maybe if they turn out well, they’ll be the centerpiece for our sunroom’s table? Or Christmas gifts?
  • 21 Reasons Ikea is Heaven on Earth, just to make you smile and wish you lived in driving distance of the best store on the face of the Earth (we don’t! I lived within 40 minutes of two, and now the closest is six. hours. away).
  • How often do you do something completely meaningless? This week, I started rereading The Series of Unfortunate Events. I read most of them in middle school, but grew out of them before the last few books were written. Reading them now feels totally mindless and wonderful.
  • Most romantic craft of the week: a relationship timeline. Russell’s and my timeline is weird, and I’ll never get to do this (and I feel like these are the gifts girls love receiving, but boys toss in a desk drawer for years), but it’s a really nice idea.
  • Here is a really beautiful guest room/office/closet combo. I just added Blog con Queso to my bookmarks yesterday, and I’m already really excited about it.

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