Love Links


  • I really loved the home in Design Mom‘s latest Living with Kids post. It looks lived in, it doesn’t look overdone, and it’s the home of a single mom and her kids–I love that Design Mom is featuring a lady doing it all on her own.
  • Speaking of moms… I generally don’t pay much attention to the monarchy, but it was difficult to avoid posts about little George this week. The best thing I took away from the prince’s birth was how brave and inspiring his mama is. This article recognizes the same thing. I really love that Kate showed off her post-partum body, rather than hide it under mounds of baggy clothing. I hope this changes how women feel about themselves in those first few weeks after giving birth, and maybe dudes will actually start to understand the way a woman’s body is supposed to look instead of expecting them to shrink down immediately.
  • Last night, Russell and I actually wandered out onto our screened in porch for the first time since moving in (we’ve just been busy with the actual insides of the house, and it had been too hot to enjoy the space anyway). We have a table and six chairs to take up roughly half the space, but we need to figure out what to do for just a seating area. We have two chairs, but they aren’t all-weather, so I’m nervous about putting them down there. Anyway! This before and after of a patio set on Apartment Therapy is pretty inspiring. Loads of people are dumping their old sets on Craigslist right now, and I bet it’ll only pick up as the summer comes to a close. Maybe I can find a bench and a chair or two to redo.
  • I noticed a lot of this new brand Hello on Target’s clearance end caps the other day, and I really considered trying some of the products out, primarily due to their cute packaging, but also because 99% of their ingredients are natural. Bridget over at Tales of Me and the Husband was provided with a samples box from the company, and fully endorses the dental products she was able to try. Next time I get to Target, I might take a chance. I mean, pink grapefruit mint mouthwash sounds so much better than the spearmint I bought the other day.
  • Something I may never buy again: taco seasoning. I’ve seen a few recipes floating around Pinterest, but when Joy the Baker provides a mix, I have to try it out. My problem with making my own taco seasoning is that I don’t know how much is in a packet, and that’s how I’ve always measured out taco seasoning before. I’m actually making a sort of taco chili thing today, so I’ll use my last packet, measure how much it actually is, and then make my own for future use. I’m pretty excited about it.

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