Three Weeks Worth of Love Links


Since I (accidentally) left my laptop at home (on the kitchen table, dammit!) while we traveled to the east coast, and I absolutely cannot stand my mother’s laptop (Macs 4 lyfe, I’m a snob), it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these! I’m linked to triple the normal number of posts or websites to make up for it. I’ll break it up into categories so it’s easier to digest.

Food and Drink The past three weeks have been terrible on my stomach. Between eating absolute crap on the road to and from Maryland and New Hampshire, eating out nearly half of our meals while at our travel destinations, and trying to eat without dirtying many dishes while we’ve been moving (so it’s been sandwiches, Spaghettios, and frozen pizza for me), I have felt pretty terrible about my eating habits, and I’ve had a crazy urge to cook good, from scratch or whole food-based meals. These recipes caught my attention.

  • Joanna of A Cup of Jo posted three flavored water recipes. Russell’s sister-in-law Beth is a flavored water connoisseur–she puts herbs and citrus in her water year-round–but I bet I would knock her socks off with some grapefruit.
  • James of Bluebird Vintage wrote about how she made eggs benedict at home one morning using this recipe. I’ve only had eggs benedict twice, at restaurants for brunch, and it is easily my favorite breakfast. I will be testing this recipe out before summer’s through.
  • Joy the Baker, up to her usual tricks, has opened my eyes to a whole new banana bread (and I thought my recipe was pretty darn good…) by adding rum. Rum and coconut. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?
  • I hate posting links to two of a single blogger’s posts, but Joy also put together a recipe for what she calls Lasagna Grilled Cheese. Russell and I have had two or three grilled cheese contests in the last couple of years. He always adds meat (which disqualifies, in my opinion! Meat makes it not a grilled cheese, but just a panini with cheese!), but I also go for sharp cheddar and apple. We each think our own recipe wins, and it’s basically a draw where we eat our own grilled cheese instead of sharing the two ideas. This could be a game changer. This could guarantee me a win.
  • Rachel of Elephantine shared a recipe for a cocktail called Summer Breeze. I don’t drink very often–usually just a fruity margarita or two if we go out at a local Mexican place–but this interests me.
  • The Kitchn linked to 5 Salad Dressings to Know by Heart, and I am eager to try them out. I’m terrible at keeping dressing on hand. I don’t make enough salads at home unless we have leftover taco fixings or we bought lettuce or spinach for sandwiches. I could use a little inspiration.


  • Gabrielle’s Living with Kids is my favorite feature on her blog Design Mom, and I really enjoyed this house tour. I really love the airiness of it, the stairs, the floors, the bathrooms. It’s perfectly calming and homey.
  • Again, posting two by the same lady, but: Gabrielle also posted what looks to be the best tutorial on folding fitted sheets that I’ve seen yet. Take that, Pinterest.
  • Design Sponge‘s Living In feature celebrates style and set design in movies, and The Baby-Sitters Club movie served as its recent inspiration. I loved the books (I read at least 200 of ’em, at least), and the movie didn’t disappoint. Rumor has it the television series is on Netflix right now, and I’m thinking I need to watch that this week as I pack up the remainder of the apartment.
  • Moving has made me realize how much stuff we need to get rid of. I don’t wear at least half of my clothes, we have some pieces of furniture we’ll probably never use again, we have two households worth of kitchen stuff… so I’m interested in Apartment Therapy‘s tips for hosting a garage sale. I don’t know if anything we want to get rid of has any value, but maybe?
  • These metal first aid boxes are so cute, and I wish we needed more storage for our meds and bandages.


  • Anna of Door Sixteen posted about her weight a couple of weeks ago, and while my weight has never fluctuated (just steadily risen… even better), I get it.
  • Have you heard of the Travel Hoodie yet? I used to wear hoodies nearly every day in high school, even in the summers! I gave up the look at some point in college because I was convinced they made me look at least three years younger than my actual age (and zippers never paired well with boobs, I had to face the facts). The Travel Hoodie makes me long for the days when I could just toss the hood of my sweatshirt up and feel really cozy (or really antisocial).
  • Joy over at Oh Joy reviewed some  apps that she’s recently tried out, and while I’m thinking I need to give Any List a try. It’d be great to have a running grocery list with Russell because one of us inevitably runs to the store on the way home from work.
  • Olivia of Everyday Musings always takes stunning photos, but I have a particular weakness for her shots of flowers (pictured above).

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