Love Links

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  • Hannah K. Lee wrote a zine called Shoes Over Bills in which she illustrates a pair of shoes as well as something a little less trivial with the same price tag. This is how I say I no to shoes, people. This is how. Bills v. shoes. Food v. shoes. Gas v. shoes. I wish shoes won more, but they don’t.
  • Julep showed off name tag buttons perfect for guests getting to know one another at a party or wedding. We may need to have a house-warming party in July, and I may need to buy a button maker, because I am all about this idea.
  • I love Joy the Baker‘s recipes. They’re unique, fun, totally doable, and perfectly photographed. But more than her food, I love her writing. She wrote a reflection for her thirty-second birthday this weekend, and it makes me feel like it’s my own celebration. I feel brand new and older at the same time. I feel like I’m ready to tackle another year with newfound wisdom and confidence. And I want cake with sprinkles, too.
  • An Etsy seller called Crazy Couture has a store name that doesn’t match its inventory because all Crazy Couture sells is plastic, spray painted dinosaurs turned into planters. Really though, wouldn’t you think they’d sell tacky clothes?
  • Design Sponge posted a recipe for watercolor paints that may have changed my life. Guess what I’ll be doing all summer.

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